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I remember attempting to play a red plastic guitar, but my first proper instrument was a full size classical that was much too big for me.  I turned up with it at the house where my teacher, Mr Sheperdson, lived in Mackworth and he said that as I had a classical guitar we may as well learn classical style.

I had no idea what classical was or what style I wanted to play so his suggestion was fine by me.  However, it turned out to be very beneficial as it gave me the fingerstyle technique I like so much today.

I was 14 when I got my first electric guitar.  It was an Antoria Les Paul copy.  A couple of years later I formed a band and after a while we were playing semi-professionally at working mens and miners welfares clubs around the midlands which i continued to do for many years in various guises. 

I didn't become a full time professional until I was 35 when I played for the Derby Pantomime which led to most of 1997 being taken up playing banjo and guitar for the national tour of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I loved the theatre pit work and did a few more shows after that, of which my favourite was Chess which has an awesome score for guitar.


After that, I began playing solo acoustic guitar at restaurants / weddings etc before getting together with a great guitar player Pete Smith.

After working as a duo for a while we were invited to California by Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars.  He asked us to become their UK guitar demonstrators and so we ended up touring the country giving performances using their instruments.

Since then I have played in various folk / acoustic bands and also on the ceilidh circuit, finally venturing out playing my own songs as a solo singer/songwriter.

I have recently been working on my first solo album which has been recorded by Chris Bullen.  Originally I thought it would be just acoustic guitar and voice but Chris's input has given it a whole new direction and rekindled my love for the electric guitar too.  I am very proud of the outcome.

There have been a few times when I wasn't sure if the guitar was a love or an addiction, but i keep playing, keep meeting wonderful people and keep finding things i can't play that i want to.


Long may it continue!


The Linesman - John Buckley
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Black Gold - John Buckley
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In My Mind - John Buckley
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